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About SECK

For more than 20 years, it has maintained steady development and provided stable and reliable intelligent water technology, products and services for water enterprises. At present, in the intelligent water meter metering and pipe network detection technology has been in a leading position.

SECK guided by relevant national development planning, and combined with water companies in a safe water supply, water saving and reducing consumption, personnel & equipment efficiency of internal demand, play in intelligent sensing, IOT, econometric analysis technical advantages, developed a stable and mature smart water product: Intelligent automatic measuring meter reading system, the scheduling system for real-time monitoring of water meter, Intelligent water management platform, and so on. SECK’s production has been widely recognized by water utilities enterprises, and has be regarded as a long-term high-quality partner by more than 500 water utilities enterprises in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Hangzhou and Nanning.

2020 Year

In Sep., Hangzhou SECK Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd was listed successfully.

2019 Year

The company’s 20th anniversary. In the same year, SECK became the standing director unit of China Urban Water Supply and Drainage Association.

2018 Year

Build the SECK smart industrial park.

2016 Year

In May, awarded the Science and Technology Progress Award.

2015 Year

In Jul., renamed “Hangzhou SECK Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd”, and established Flow Meter Research and Development Center jointly with Measurement and Test Engineering College of China Jiliang Universtiy.

2014 Year

In Dec. the Smart Water Research Center was established jointly with the institute of Engineering and Research of Zhejiang University.

2012 Year

In Jul, set up production base in Ningbo, and in Dec., settled in Hangzhou Future Science and Technology City.

2009 Year

In Feb. became a member of China Urban Water Supply Association.

2008 Year

In Sep. was identified as a National Level High Tech Enterprise.

2006 Year

In Jul. passed the ISO9001, 2008 quality certification system for the first time. In Sep. the company’s technology center passed the Hangzhou Municipal Enterprise Technology Center Certification.

22 years of focus on high-quality intelligent water
Long term high-quality partners
Customer satisfaction up to 99.7%
Team size of more than 600 employees
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